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Patients Stories | Weight Loss Surgery

I am feeling great; I have lost three stone, and more importantly, I am running again. I have not done this for years and am up to 3 miles. I feel and look great, 2013 is looking good!

– Alan B, London

I went down from 90 kg to 78 kg with the gastric balloon and had never felt better. It was without any stress, and I did not feel hungry with the balloon in place. Getting used to it in the early days was the hardest part, but I was never really dieting! Thank you for all your help.

– B Gashi, East Sussex

The service of the treatment was really good, the hospital staff were really friendly and looked after me. The planning was good too from the Peek Lodge to the transport, everything was fine. I’d recommend everyone to come and do Weight Loss surgery through Right Choice. Mr. Nisar was nice too and gave me his email address to contact him anytime which gives you safety.

I am really happy I did it, it’s nice seeing the weight drop, and I am only eating a quarter from what I used to eat which is amazing! So far my body responded well to everything I ate. even the stitches healed well and  I don’t have pain anymore. Plus the scars are tiny……(later) I have nearly achieved my weight loss target.

– Vanessa Mathis, Malta

I think all went well with the op and I am back home. Would you believe it, every time I watch the TV it’s all about food and cooking! It seems my sense of smell has improved to the point of smelling every single bit of food cooking every where I go. I am trying my best to stick with what the dietitian advised me.
Thank you, Zahid for making this op possible at a cost I can afford and in a lovely hospital and environment. Mr. Nisar and the Anaesthetist were excellent and very kind to me before the surgery because of my syringe phobia.
With all the encouragement I have had from the team, and at home, I am now very close to my ideal weight.

– H Mew, Southampton

I have recovered well, and am feeling good. All the staff at the hospital where very kind and very professional, the surgery went well and I am very pleased with the outcome. Thank you, once again for your kind assistance, I would never hesitate to use Right Choice again.

– L Ruddy, Merseyside