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Lifetime After-care Warranty

We are committed to helping you feel good about yourself by providing quality treatment at an affordable price. We would like to keep you feeling that way with a Lifetime Aftercare Warranty.

Our Lifetime Aftercare warranty covers all cosmetic surgery, weight loss surgery and dental procedures to provide our Clients complete peace of mind and the security of knowing that they have comprehensive aftercare cover.

At Right Choice, this Lifetime Aftercare Warranty begins by being always by your side. You can call and speak to us at any time of the day or night.

The features of the “Lifetime Aftercare Warranty” include:

  • 24/7 access by telephone to our Customer Support Team.
  • Post-op consultations with your surgeon as and when needed
  • Revision treatment where clinically indicated at no extra cost
  • Additional stay at the hospital inclusive of the treatment package fee, if it is not caused by pre-existing conditions or brought on or aggravated by lifestyle circumstances.
  • Pharmacy support and wound dressing.
  • For Breast Implants, there is lifetime implant rupture cover and three years Baker grade 3 and 4 capsular contracture cover.
  • For all other prostheses, there is lifetime cover against failure.
  • For Dental Implants, there is a ten year cover against implant failure.
  • For Weight Loss surgery, there is 30-day free readmission for correction, revision or, if clinically necessary, reversal of the bariatric procedure carried out.

The Warranty Covers:

The Right Choice Lifetime Aftercare Warranty commences from the date of your procedure and extends to ALL cosmetic surgery, weight loss and dental procedures. Whether it is breast, body, facial or dental procedures, or weight loss surgery, rest assured that your Right Choice Lifetime Aftercare Warranty will cover you.

The Warranty Does Not Cover:

  • Revision or correction procedure without any clinical indication.
  • Any bodily or lifestyle changes or circumstances, (e.g., fluctuations in weight, pregnancy, smoking, etc.), the natural aging process or poor results caused or aggravated by pre-existing conditions.
  • Where surgeon’s advice has not been followed in exercising due post-operative care


  1. Terms and Conditions apply – please consult these for further information.
  2. Your statutory rights are not affected by the Lifetime Aftercare Warranty or the Terms and Conditions.
  3. This policy is subject to revision from time to time. Your rights are governed by the contents in vogue at the time of your procedure.

For details of conditions covered under each procedure, please contact your Lifestyle Advisory Team, and they will be glad to help