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I am now nearly five weeks after my tummy tuck and really happy that you referred me to Mr. Paterson, who was really understanding and talked me through what would happen. The hospital staff were very helpful and caring. I came home two days later in which I have rested but also been very mobile.
So I am very happy although still a bit swollen but back to full mobility and work; hopefully able to fly on Sunday for my holiday. I would like to say thank you for encouraging me to go and see Mr. Paterson after my previous experience of an unhelpful consultation.

– Rachel T, Cheshire

I have recovered well and, on the whole, things are back to normal, and I am pleased with the results. With regard to the process, I was very happy with my consultation, the treatment and stay in hospital and follow-up appointment. I have been very happy with the service. So much so, in fact, that I recommended you to my friend who has arranged an appointment for 1st March and provisionally booked in for treatment in April.

– Gill B, Lancashire

I initially researched the procedure I was looking at and spoke to three consultants and a patient representative. The first two were through the (Name Intentionally Deleted) Group, and the fourth was (Name Intentionally Deleted). I knew as soon as I came out of the consultation with Mr. Khan that he would carry out my operation. Mr. Khan was the only one who listened to what I wanted, asked specific questions on how I felt, how it affected me, what he could do to help. He showed me videos and photos of the procedure and where to get further information. I was very impressed compared to the other consultants I’d seen. I had no pain and have not really had any pain since the operation, just some soreness.
I am happy with what I see so far, although there is still some bruising and some swelling to go down. The whole process has been very pleasant; I have no complaints just compliments, I have been kept informed and had regular communication from yourself. I would be happy to recommend Right Choice and Mr. Khan to my family and friends.

– Lorraine Pursey, Sussex

The process from the initial inquiry right through to the present has been one of Client/Patient first and this I found truly exceptional. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me.

– C McDonald, Lancs

I am very pleased; it was an extremely good and beneficial result for me.  Mr. Khan is fantastic!  Pleased with how responsive you were and how quickly it was all arranged.

– I Meggs, London

I would like to thank you for all your help and guidance through this procedure; you have been very helpful and always answered my emails straightaway, I will have no doubts in recommending you to anyone who is interested in having any surgery as I was extremely pleased with how everything has gone.  The whole experience has been worthwhile even though I am still a bit sore, stiff and swollen!!!

– K Baglietto, Essex

I couldn’t be any happier with everything, and my husband is very pleased too that we choose yourself for the procedure. I have told my family and friends and also friends who I speak to on a cosmetic surgery forum how fantastic everything has been. A big thank you to all those who made it possible and I will be back for the Breast implant replacement.

– M Smith, West Midlands

I’m doing very and was very pleased with the whole experience, the staff and hospital were brilliant as was my surgeon.
I found everything to be very easy and straightforward; I’m very pleased I used for my surgery.
My nurse was amazed at how well my scar was healing. Thank you very much for everything once again.

– J Cave, Cleveland