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Facial Surgery

Chin Implant

Your chin is an essential visual characteristic of your lower face, and along with your nose establishes your facial shape and profile. A notable chin improves your jawline and prevents the formation of jowls. Chin implants are probably the most repeated remedy for cosmetic improvement. This is a delicate and …

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Brow Lift

It’s common for the skin above your eyes to begin to sag as soon as you grow older leading to what’s also known as the hood outcome, which may make your eyes appear fatigued and your face aged. Brow lift surgical treatment, a straightforward technique performed to raise the region …

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Cheek Implants

Cheek implants are among the most popular kinds of cosmetic surgery. Raising your cheeks provides the face with a brand new feeling of symmetry in addition to improving many other facial features, and to ensure that you appear youthful. Should you feel your cheekbones are very flat or out of …

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Ear Pinning Cost

Ear pinning is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure used to remedy protruding ears. The method is also called otoplasty or pinnaplasty. Cosmetic surgery is used to enhance the shape of the ears by re-designing the cartilage into a much less protruding appearance. The two main methods for improving protruding ears are …

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Eye Bag Removal

As you get older, your skin loses its elasticity, and your muscles slacken. For eyelids, this leads to an amount of loose skin which collects as folds within the upper covers and forms deepening creases within the lower lids. Simultaneously there’s slackening from the muscle underneath the skin permitting the …

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