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We offer a new therapy called ThermiVa for women who are unhappy with their vaginas. After childbirth and menopause, many women are not satisfied with the looseness of the skin in and around their vaginas. ThermiVa uses a wand which gives off radio-frequency energy to effortlessly tighten the skin inside …

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The hymen is a membranous layer of skin tissue which encircles the inside of the vaginal entrance and allows the escape of menstrual blood. While some hymens are so elastic that they do not tear even during intercourse we know that for most women the hymen is usually torn at …

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Labia Reduction Labiaplasty or Labia Reduction is surgery to the correct and defines the appearance of the inner labia of the vagina also known as the labia minora. It is very common for women to have concerns regarding the size and shape of their labia. Labiaplasty helps women get over …

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Vaginoplasty Cost UK

Cosmetic surgery to change the way your vagina looks is a straightforward procedure. It can have excellent results in restoring your confidence. After having children the shape of your vagina can change in the way it looks and feels. Many women experience problems such as lack of feeling during intercourse and …

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